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Five for Five: Word Up & Just Write

  A word is dead When it is said, Some say. I say it just Begins to live That day.” – Emily Dickinson (“A Word is Dead”) Don’t say it, you beg him, but silently. In your head you are … Continue reading

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Five for Five: CHANGE

I grab my little boy’s hand and guide him across the parking lot. He clomps along somewhat gracefully beside me, not resisting. His hand is tiny and almost weightless, and I have to squeeze it a bit to make sure … Continue reading

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One Name To Convey It All? Help Me Name My Baby!

“What, you want me to name someone? You want like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name… I got it. Cindafuckin’rella”– Kit, to Vivian, in Pretty Woman. I am officially name obsessed. I’ve always been keenly interested in … Continue reading

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What Will You Be Made Of?

Friday, March 2, 2012. Sunset in Santa Barbara. On a stone wall at the edge of the ocean, we opened an envelope.  A GIRL. Sugar and spice. Pink tutus and sparkly shoes. Or rainbow striped knee socks and purple sneakers. … Continue reading

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