Watching the news coverage of the disaster in Japan, I feel empty, hopeless, discouraged.

And then, I see this. In some places, at 5 pm everyday, music is broadcast over the wreckage. From across this barren landscape, one clear, pure sound pierces the desolation. Bells, a familiar tune.

 Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far way
Now it looks as though they’re here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday
And this reminds me that there is still beauty, still belief out there. Words and music and people survive and inspire. There is something so beautiful about the lone sound, the forced hope ringing out across the land. That in the midst of such despair, someone thought to play music, lifts my heart. It helps me believe, even for just a moment, that life and civilization will survive. We must survive.


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1 Response to Yesterday

  1. rudrip says:

    Yes Alisa. I so get this. Love the sentiment here.

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